Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Detroit Sports Beef

Soooo Im am sitting here watching the Tigers day in and day out. Watching them lose to horrible teams after horrible teams.  And I'm thinking to myself, somethings need to change. Whether it be a coaching change, a lineup change, a trade needs to be done, just something....They need a spark...I do not believe that calling Raburn up from the minors was going to do the trick..You look at this team and imagine the possibilities that can happen, I mean for God's sake, we were almost in the World Series last year, and now we cant even catch up to the smelly dirty pirate hookers that are the white socks.  

My conclusion would be to address every above issue i posted...
1) a coaching change....yes, do it sooner than later. whether it be the head coach, hitting coach, anyone...this will start to shake up everything, and tell the team "we need something new, cause losing to these horrible teams is not going to fly"
2)Lineup change...yes, do it before tonight's game. yes 1 through 4 is dominant, and yes I am a huge Q. Berry fan but i believe the should bat first, A Jax 2nd, the Cabrera and Fielder....Look we have one of the best if not the best 1-4.  Yes Texas, the Cardinals in a way, and even the Yankee's can be in this conversation, but come on, we cant even get above 500. And for the bottom half, you look at what you got. I would put Avila 5th, Peralta 6th, Dirks(when he's back 7th, or even 5th)/Boesch, Santiago 8th, and Young DH(LETS TRADE HIM!!! read below
3)Trade....yes. OK look we have many available trade that look great for the tigers. 1st thing is we need an everyday 2nd baseman, who cares if he cant hit, he can bat 9th and we can hope he can pull in a 220 batting average, HELL we put up with Brandon Inge day in and day out.  If he's a great fielder, who cares what he hits. Peralta is not that great in the field, yes, he did do great last year, but this is this year. If we cannot get a second baseman, we need an everyday DH.  We have plenty of outfield players, but we could use a great DH until Victor comes back.  We need to get back into the race quick, and these are a few ideas.


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